Mobile Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom teeth frequently become impacted or stuck behind the second-molars. When this happens, it becomes extremely difficult to brush in the area and oral hygiene suffers. In addition, plaque buildup can cause inflammation that leads to infection, decay, or gum disease. Even if erupted (visible in the mouth), these teeth can harbor bacteria and are highly prone to gum disease and loss of bone. Wisdom teeth may also cause jaw cysts or shifting of adjacent teeth.

Management of wisdom teeth pain:

  • Call us immediately for evaluation
  • Wisdom teeth should be extracted as soon as possible
  • Antibiotics are often prescribed to help resolve infection after teeth removal. Antibiotics alone do
    not cure infection or pain.
  • You may take 400-600 mg ibuprofen (2-3 tablets of Advil) or 500-1000 mg of Tylenol every four
    hours for temporary pain relief until seen by oral surgeon.

Key facts about wisdom teeth treatment:

  • The most common approach is to remove all four wisdom teeth at the same time
  • Best age for removal is between 15 to 20
  • It is best to remove wisdom teeth when they are not hurting or infected.
  • Wisdom teeth extraction is best performed by experienced oral surgeons, not general dentists.
  • IV sedation is the anesthesia of choice.