How Dental Implants Help

Dental implants provide long-term support for your teeth and are stable and easy to eat with, while preserving your jaw bone and facial structures.

Are Your Dentures too Loose to Eat Well?

Dentures cause irreversible loss of jaw bone over time, and can become increasingly loose and difficult to chew with. Frequent relines and expensive adhesives do not improve the condition, which progressively gets worse. The best alternative is dental implants to support either a removable denture (known as an overdenture) or a fixed denture (a hybrid prosthesis or bridge). Even the simplest design can improve your denture retention, eating, and self-confidence dramatically.


Can I Get Dentures that Don’t Come Out?

Yes. Many people do not like removable dentures and find them quite embarrassing. With dental implants, you can have a fixed prosthesis that cannot be removed by you. It resembles natural teeth and is quite comfortable. Depending on the particular design, four to eight implants are necessary for a fixed prosthesis.

What Can I Eat After Treatment?

Patients report significant improvements in their chewing ability and diet. You can eat steaks, apples, corn on cob, and other foods that are practically impossible to eat with conventional dentures.