Dental Implants Portfolio

In this sections, you will find stories and photo galleries of some patients that we have treated over the years. All of the patients in these stories were treated by Dr.Kazemi in collaboration with restoring dentists. To make it more relevant to your need, the stories are categorized according to the type of situation:

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Bone & Soft Tissue Grafting

In this section, are stories and photo galleries of patients treated over the years who required bone grafting for dental implants. All of the patients in these stories were treated by Dr. Kazemi in collaboration with restoring dentists.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Portfolio of patients with poor bite and jaw size discrepancies treated with various corrective jaw surgery procedures.

Jaw Surgery

Impacted Canines

Example of patients with impacted canines treated with exposure and orthodontic treatment.

Oral Pathology

Portfolio of patients with various oral pathology conditions such as cysts, lesions, ulcers, and other abnormalities.

Oral and Facial Injuries

Traumatic injuries create both physical and emotional difficulties for patients. Injuries range from trauma to teeth and supporting bone, to jaw fractures, to skin or oral lacerations. The majority of injuries can be managed easily in our office, but some may require hospitalization.

Injuries to mouth or face

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