Dental Implants Replacement for Completely Missing Teeth

Overdenture with Four Implants

Patient had few remaining teeth extracted due to caries and gum disease. He was treated with an over-denture supported by 4 dental implants. This design offers great stability and function for the patient while keeping it affordable.

Overdenture with Two Implants

Patient with completely missing lower teeth experiencing significant difficulty eating using her conventional denture. Two dental implants, a simple design, provided her the stability and function she was looking for.

Lower Overdenture with Four Dental Implants

This patient had few remaining lower teeth that were badly decayed and loose. He had been using a partial denture that had gradually caused irreversible damage to his remaining teeth. He could no longer eat with it. Since his remaining teeth were hopeless, they all had to be extracted. Four dental implants were planned for support of a removable overdenture.

CT-guided overdenture

Placement of 4 upper dental implants supporting complete set of teeth; A CT-Guided 3-dimensional planning approach was used for accuracy and minimally invasive surgical technique.

Upper and Lower Implant Overdentures

Patient required extraction all of her upper and lower teeth due to severe caries. Following extractions, 4 upper and 4 lower immediate implants were placed and then restored with removable overdentures.

Fixed Bridge with 8 Implants

Patient with few decayed remaining lower teeth which had to be extracted. She wanted a fully fixed set of new teeth. Eight dental implants planned for supported of a fixed bridge.

Teeth-In-A-Day: Immediate Implants and Teeth

Patient with few remaining lower teeth and partial denture which was increasingly difficult to use and chew with. Treatment consisted of extractions, immediate (same day) implants, and delivery of a fixed teeth on the same day.