The Story

This patient presented with moderate to advanced periodontal disease (gum disease) and several missing teeth. Most teeth had significant mobility (loose) and were quite uncomfortable. While, both upper and lower teeth were involved, he wanted to address the lower teeth first then follow the upper teeth at later time.

The Treatment

A digital workflow was followed for the entire treatment. This involved digital scanning of his teeth and bone structure. Then a digital smile design was completed. Next the new teeth and position of the supporting implants were designed virtually on computer software. The entire treatment was simulated.

Next, the necessary guides and transitional teeth were milled through cad / cam process. The lower teeth were extracted, the necessary bone modification was done, 6 implants placed, and a transitional set of teeth were anchored to the implants on same day (immediate load). Patient left office with fixed set of teeth.

Three months later, the final restoration was delivered. The restoration was a full Zirconia restoration fixed to the implants.