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As a formally trained surgical specialist, we only focus on a few procedures performed with mastery. We collaborate with other dentists and dental specialists on multi-disciplinary treatments allowing each to do what they do best.

For 24-Hour Emergency Care: Call 301.654.7070

Whether it’s for tooth ache, pain, infection, swelling, or injuries, we are available 24 hours / day for immediate assistance.



For appointments, please call our office at 301.654.7070 between hours of 8:00 and 5:00 pm. You may also request an appointment online. For emergencies after hours or weekends, call us at 301.654.7070 and follow emergency instructions to reach Dr. Kazemi. He’ll contact you directly within a few minutes.

Before & After Care Instructions

Peri-operative care is an integral part of proper healing and prevention of complications. We’ll help you prepare for your procedures and provide you with a detailed multi-media post-operative instructions for a safe and comfortable experience and a rapid recovery.

Service Packages

We offer three service packages, each designed to meet your particular needs.

Online Consultations

 Our online consultation service provides patients an opportunity to speak to our oral surgeons and discuss their needs, treatment solutions, and options- all from the comfort of their home.

During a 30-45 minute online meeting, you may discuss your needs, ask questions on treatment options, and gain more understanding of treatment scope, timeline, and fees. You may also send any available x-rays or documents for review during your online meeting.

The fee for online meeting is $195.

To request an appointment:

  1. Click on link below
  2. Process your online consultation payment
  3. One of our treatment coordinators will contact you to schedule an appointment


Information on treatment cost, payment options, payment plans, insurance benefits, or online payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive and detailed section on frequently asked questions about every aspect of your experience.