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Creating A Great Experience For Kids

Your child may have recently complained of a tooth pain caused by decay. Perhaps during the last check-up, the dentist or orthodontist recommended extraction of a baby or adult tooth for orthodontic reasons. Maybe an adult canine tooth is stuck and/or coming in the wrong way and needs correction. Sometimes, a child needs treatment for injury in the mouth or on the face. These are some of the most common reasons oral surgeons see children under age 13. Of course, you may have some concerns or questions about the recommended treatment and want to make certain it is appropriate, and that the procedure can be done safely, quickly, and without traumatizing your child. Dr. Kazemi has special training in the treatment of children and has worked extensively with many orthodontists and pediatric dentists for the care of their patients.

Teeth Extraction

Your child may have been recommended to have certain teeth extracted, typically for orthodontic reasons. The recommended teeth may be primary or baby teeth, permanent teeth, or wisdom teeth. Such selective extractions are designed to create the adequate space that the orthodontist needs to improve eruption pattern of the permanent teeth and alignment of your kid’s teeth. A specific recommendation is given and written by your orthodontist on which teeth require extraction.

Canine Exposure

The adult canines are the ‘corner stones’ of your teeth and are extremely important in both function, bite balance, and aesthetics. Perhaps during your last orthodontic appointment, it was noted that one or more of the canines are not erupting into the mouth correctly because of crowding or inadequate space. While your orthodontist uses braces to align your child’s teeth and create adequate space, he or she may request a canine exposure which will make it possible to guide and bring in the canines in their proper position.


A frenectomy (also known as a frenulectomy, frenulotomy or frenotomy) is the removal of a frenulum, a small fold of or tissue / muscle fibers that develop in different part of the mouth. Done mostly for orthodontic purposes, a frenectomy is either performed inside the middle of upper lip, which is called labial frenectomy, or under the tongue, called lingual frenectomy.

Managment of Injuries in Children

Children fall often and can suffer injuries to mouth or face. These may include tooth fracture, loose teeth, or knocked out teeth. They may also get cuts or bruises to the face. Additionally, they may have various fractures to the jaw or facial bones. When this happens, call Dr. Kazemi immediately for evaluation. Majority of the injuries can be effectively managed in the office while for more significant injuries involving jaw bone fractures, hospitalization may be necessary.

Anesthesia & Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is not uncommon among children, especially if they had bad experiences previously.  We resolve this in several ways. First, the use of child-specific IV sedation allows them to take a nap during the procedure. This helps to make them comfortable and reduce anxiety. Second, they will be cared by a group of affable staff members who take time to personally connect with each child and allay their fears and concerns.  Your child is given full “perceived” control of the events that take place and they approve each step along the way. At no time is a child ever held down, talked to loudly, or strapped. These methods are outdated and ineffective. See below for more information on anesthesia options.

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