Teeth Avulsion (Loss) in Children

Entire Tooth Knocked Out (Avulsion):

Replantation within 5-10 minutes is critical for success. The tooth must be completely intact. Minutes matter. If the root of the tooth has debris on it, rinse with water. If the root appears clean, grasp the crown between your thumb and first finger with the smooth flat surface forward.

If it is an upper tooth, place the other hand on top of the person’s head to stabilize it then push firmly and hold the tooth in place. When the tooth is seated into its original position, it must be held there by hand or with a wad of wet paper tissue to keep it in place. Do not worry about getting the tooth in ‘correctly’. It can be adjusted by the oral surgeon later during splinting. Bleeding can be controlled by uninterrupted direct pressure for 5 minutes.

If no one is prepared to replant the tooth, if the injured patient is unwilling or unable to cooperate with immediate replantation, or if the damage to the socket and adjacent teeth is substantial, control bleeding with pressure, place the tooth in a liquid such as milk or other storage media to keep it from drying.

Transport the patient and tooth to a dentist, preferably your oral surgeon, immediately.