Best Treatment Approach For Canine Exposure

  • A separate evaluation appointment is highly recommended. Depending on the position of the impacted canine, the exposure procedure may be more complex and require more time. Dr. Kazemi will assess the complexity of the procedure and then recommend appropriate necessary time and anesthesia type. Evaluation also allows younger patients to become comfortable with the office and staff and be engaged by asking questions. This greatly helps with alleviating anxiety.
  • IV sedation is the most recommended anesthesia option for this procedure. The exposure procedure can be complex and it is ideal to have a patients asleep and comfortable while the oral surgeon performs the procedure with required accuracy and detail.
  • The exposure is best performed by oral surgeons.
  • There should already be orthodontic brackets and wires on other teeth. A small golden chain is attached to a bracket on the exposed canine while its other end is tied to the orthodontic brackets so the orthodontist can easily find it.
  • A follow up in 7 days is recommended to assess healing process.
  • The orthodontist may begin eruption of the canine after 2 weeks of healing.