Injuries in Children

Children fall often and occasionally can suffer cuts and bruises to the face and mouth. When this happens, you may call Dr. Kazemi immediately for evaluation in the office and avoid the emergency rooms. Skin and gum lacerations can be easily repaired. Of course more severe injuries require treatment in a hospital setting. Dr. Kazemi is on staff at Suburban Hospital and Washington Hospital Center.

Trauma to Baby Teeth:

Trauma to baby teeth (primary teeth) can result in loosening or complete dislodging, bleeding from gum tissue, and bruises to lips. In most situations, traumatized baby teeth cannot be saved and require extraction to avoid infection. If a tooth suffers trauma and is not loose, it should be periodically evaluated by your dentist to make sure it remains vital. Often, such teeth develop infection months to years later and cause pain and swelling. If trauma involves adult teeth, they should be maintained as much as possible.

Lacerations to Mouth or Face:

Lacerations to the mouth or face are commonly treated by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Dr. Kazemi uses ‘plastic’ techniques for closure of lacerations to minimize scar and disfiguring defects. Repair of lacerations can easily be done under IV sedation and local anesthesia in our office.

Jaw Fractures:

A significant fall or other type of accidents can result in jaw fractures. These injuries require hospitalization and treatment under general anesthesia.

Injuries Treated in Office:

  • Injury to teeth: fractures, loosened, or displaced
  • Gum tissue lacerations
  • Lacerations to mouth or face

Anesthesia and Managing Anxiety

IV sedation is an excellent and safe technique for managing most injuries in children. It is provided in our office. It is quite safe and there is continued monitoring at all times. Dr. Kazemi has performed IV sedation on many children and has received formal anesthesia training. For more minor injuries, it is possible to reduce your child’s anxiety with nitrous oxide sedation or intramuscular medications such as ketamine.