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About Mini Dental Implants

mini dental implants bethesda washington dc implant dentistMini dental implants are narrower form of dental implants designed for patients with significant bone loss who do not want extensive bone grafting procedures. The procedure for placement of mini dental implants is minimally invasive and in most patients requires no incisions. Patients experience no to minimal pain and the healing is rather quick. The implants must heal for 3- 6  months before they are loaded with denture teeth.

They offer enhanced stability and support for dentures and help patients eat more comfortably and smile more without worrying about denture loosening or falling out. Denture adhesives and glues will no longer be necessary saving patients significant cost and also inconvenience of having to place adhesives several times daily.

Mini dental implants also also less costly making a great option for those with smaller budget.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants:

  • Least costly
  • Offers good stability to denture
  • Repair or modification is relatively simpler and less costly

Disadvantages of a removable prosthesis

  • The implants are more prone to failure from fractures or loosening
  • May require replacement as they are often used for short term support
  • The prosthesis must be removed daily for hygiene
  • May not be able to chew very hard foods as comfortably as with a fixed design or overdenture supported by conventional implants

Is it Right For Me?

Mini dental implants may be the right option for you if:

  • You are using existing dentures and want to improve its support and retention
  • You want to improve chewing your favorite food
  • You don’t mind having teeth that are removable
  • You have significant bone loss from use of dentures where there may be inadequate bone for conventional dental implants
  • You want to preserve your jaw bone from further damage
  • You don’t mind more denture flange extension covering the gum tissue and your palate
  • You want the least costly treatment option that can improve your eating and function

How Does It Work?



Four to six mini dental implants are recommended for support of removable overdentures. The implants support and retain the dentures by a ball attachment on the implant and a housing inside the denture.


Treatment Stages and Process

The treatment is a collaborative effort between the oral surgeon and the restorative dentist. The oral surgeon offers expertise in placement of the dental implant and the restorative dentist will fabricate the actual teeth (overdenture). The treatment sequence is:

  1. The oral Surgeon obtains CBCT (cone beam CT Scan) to assess quality and quantity of bone.
  2. The restorative dentist completes clinical evaluation and takes impressions for study models and denture design, as well as assess the bite and aesthetic requirements. An interim denture is then fabricated and tried in the patient for proper fit and assure patient is happy with its aesthetics and design.
  3. The surgeon then uses the CBCT for a 3-dimensional computer assisted planning with virtual implant placement in the computer model of patient’s jaw bone. A surgical guide is then fabricated using 3-D printing.
  4. The surgeon places the mini dental implants using the surgical guide with optimal precision and accuracy. The implants are allowed to heal for 4-6 months. Patient continues using the transitional denture in the interim.
  5. The restorative dentist then takes final impressions and fabricates the final overdenture with housing that fits into the ball attachment of the mini dental implants. The bite is adjusted and the overdenture is checked for overall comfort, function, and aesthetics.

Treatment Cost

Basic Treatment Packages:

  • 4 mini dental implant overdenture option: $7500 per jaw
  • 6 mini dental implant overdenture option: $10000 per jaw
  • Includes all consultations, diagnostics, X-rays, placement of mini dental implants, transitional teeth, final restorations, and all follow-up appointments.

Anesthesia Options:

  • IV Sedation: Add $1500
  • Nitrous Oxide: Add $500

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