Adjunctive Procedures to Corrective Jaw Surgery

The following adjunctive procedures may be recommended along with corrective jaw surgery.

Wisdom Teeth Removal:

In preparation for jaw surgery, it is best to remove the wisdom teeth nine to 12 months prior to the operation. This allows proper bone healing in the area where the jaw surgery is performed. However, if time is not available, then it is acceptable to have jaw surgery and wisdom teeth removal at the same time.

Chin Augmentation / Reduction:

The chin may be augmented or reduced to improve facial profile, symmetry, and aesthetics. It is often performed at the same time as the corrective jaw surgery. There are two techniques for augmentation:

  • Advancing the chin bone: This technique involves sectioning the chin bone and sliding it forward to augment. This is done through the mouth and no outside incision is necessary.
  • Chin implant: This involves the use of preformed and anatomical implants that are available in various shapes and sizes. The implant is placed on top of the chin and fixated, for a very natural feel and appearance. A small skin incision under the chin is required for this technique.

Cheek-Bone Augmentation:

Patients with a flat cheek bone appearance may augment it using cheek implants. These implants are pre-formed and available in various sizes. They are inserted through a small incision in the mouth. Augmentation can also be performed at the same time as upper jaw surgery.

Liposuction for Double Chin and Neck:

The sagging of tissues under the jaw and chin region may be due to aging or to the presence of fat deposits (otherwise known as a “double chin”). This hanging mound of fat or excess tissue blocks the ideal concavity of the chin-neck profile, and can contribute to the appearance of aging.
Liposuction of this region can be performed at the time of corrective jaw surgery. It requires a skin incision in the crease below the chin. There is minimal post-surgical discomfort, and the scar is obscured in a natural skin fold as it matures. A chinstrap-like bandage is usually applied for six days after surgery.

Nasal and Septal Reconstruction:

Cosmetic nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, affects overall facial harmony and balance, especially when performed with corrective jaw surgery. It is best to perform the cosmetic rhinoplasty after jaw surgery has been completed to allow the surgeon to achieve a more ideal result and facial balance. We can recommend several very skilled and specialized cosmetic surgeons for this procedure.