Jaw Surgery
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About Corrective Jaw Surgery

If your teeth do not fit well together, if you have a disproportional face, a gummy smile, an under or overbite, or a jaw size that is too big or too small, you probably have jaw problems. Many people discover these problems during their teenage years and have them corrected early. Others may postpone treatment and later develop tooth problems, facial pain, or TMJ disorders related to a poor bite.

There are many treatments available to improve facial balance, improve your aesthetics and smile, correct your bite to help you eat better, eliminate jaw or TMJ related pain, and increase your teeth health and longevity. New techniques and technology now decrease your treatment time, enhance recovery, and get you back to normal activities sooner.

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Types of Jaw Size Problems

If your bite is off, have a poor smile, or have poor facial balance, you may have problems with your teeth position, jaw size relationship, or a combination of both. There are several types of jaw size problems each treated appropriately with orthodontic treatment in conjunction with corrective jaw surgery.

Treatment Options

There are primarily three types of jaw surgery procedures. These include upper jaw surgery, lower jaw surgery, and chin procedures. The exact type of surgery and its combination is determined by the oral surgeon and orthodontist. Some circumstances may call for only upper or only lower jaw surgeries while in others both may be required.

Treatment Stages and Timeline

Corrective jaw surgery requires orchestrated treatments by the team oral surgeon and orthodontist following a specific staging and timelines. There are primarily three treatment stages: Pre-surgical orthodontics, surgical, and post-surgical orthodontics. You will be provided with a precise treatment plan consisting of all the necessary stages and related timeline.

Other Related Adjunctive Procedures

Several other procedures may be recommended as an adjunct to corrective jaw surgery. These include extraction of wisdom teeth, chin or cheek augmentation, liposuction, and other facial cosmetic surgeries as appropriate.


The initial recovery from corrective jaw surgery takes 10-14 days. During this period, majority of the swelling resolves and discomfort significantly diminishes. We will provide you with detailed home instructions and close follow up to assure optimal recovery and healing.

Anesthesia for Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery is performed at hospital setting under general anesthesia. This is administered by the anesthesiologist.

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