Wound Care Instructions For Lacerations

Supplies Needed:

  • Sterile Cotton Balls and Cotton Tip Applicators (Q-tips, etc.)
  • Sterile 4X4 Gauze Pads
  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo/ Dove soap- unscented
  • Sunblock

Suture Line/Wound Care:

  1. Wash all wounds with mild soap( Johnson’s shampoo or Dove) and warm water six times a day, then gently blot dry. Try not to allow any scabbing to form on treated areas. You want to be able to see the clean sutures.
  2. Cover all wounds with antibiotic ointment for the first 3 days (preferably POLYSPORIN at all times and do not allow any areas to dry out or scab over. Then use Crisco, or if directed use Vaseline, or Glyderm sunblock until the new skin/ incision line is fully healed ( 7 – 14 days ).
  3. Do not apply any bandages or other materials over the wound unless otherwise instructed to do so by your doctor.
  4. You should arrange to be checked in approximately 24-72 hours to insure you’re following instructions well and for our staff to check the wounds.
  5. Please clean areas thoroughly and apply ointment just prior to any appointment. Make certain you have done your best – failure to do so is the most frequent cause of complications (e.g. excessive scarring, wound infection and breakdown, etc.)