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Tooth loss, fractured jaw bones, or cuts to the mouth and face are especially difficult for a person to cope with. People are often nervous and upset, and faced with long waiting times at emergency rooms. In addition, the hospital may not even have the right specialist on staff to treat oral and facial injuries.

Teeth Fractures

Also known as dentoalveolar trauma, teeth may break, move and loosen, or come completely out of their socket. Depending on the nature and degree of the injury, several different treatment options are available:

Facial Fractures

Facial fractures may involve lower or upper jaws as well as cheek bone, eye bone, nasal, and forehead regions. Jaw fractures may also involve segments containing teeth and other oral structures. As member of the trauma team at the Suburban Hospital, we manage all oral and facial injuries.

Oral and Facial Lacerations (Cuts)

We manage all lacerations or cuts to oral and facial structures. Utilizing plastic closure techniques, lacerations are carefully repaired to optimize healing and minimize scarring.

Home Care Instructions

Home care instructions

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