Treatment Stages and Timelines

Treatment stages and time can vary between various individuals and implant sites. Following your examination, Dr. Kazemi and your restorative dentist will present a detailed treatment plan with appropriate stages and timelines. Some modifications may be necessary during the treatment.

Video: Dental implant treatment process:

Common Implant Staging Approach:

  • Immediate implant placement: Extraction and placement of the dental implant on same day
  • Early implant placement: Extraction of the tooth and placement of dental implant in two to three months after healing.
  • Delayed implant placement: Extraction and bone grafting of the site, followed by placement of the  dental implant in five to six months.
  • Dental implant healing: Placement of dental implant followed by two to four months of healing (depending on several factors).
  • Dental implant restoration: Restorative phase to place appropriate crown, bridge, or overdenture supported by implants.

Immediate Implants (Same-Day-Implants):

When appropriate, an implant may be placed immediately on the same day as tooth extraction. But there are very specific indications for this approach. Otherwise, it is best to allow the extraction site to heal for six to eight weeks and then place the dental implant in a staged fashion. It is not wise to compromise a lifetime success by trying to save a couple of months.

Immediate Restorations:

When appropriate, an implant may be restored on the same day of placement. This approach also has specific indications and must be done with caution. If not ideal, then it is better to allow the implant to heal and then restore it in two to three months with predictability and long-term longevity. Immediate restorations can also be done on implants that were placed in the extraction site on the same day. This is certainly possible and offers great benefits to a patient: having a tooth out and leaving for home with a crown or bridge on the implants. But again, this requires great caution and is not possible in every patient. If done inappropriately, the risk for failure increases dramatically.

Factors That Influence Staging:

Staging of treatment will depending on the following factors:
  • Location of the implant (smile zone or in the back)
  • Bone amount and quality
  • Placement as immediate or delayed
  • One-stage (implant with temporary extension placed at same time) or two-stage approach (implant is covered with gum tissue and uncovered once healed)
  • Aesthetic reasons

Treatment Time:

Length of the overall treatment can vary based on the following factors:

  • Location of the implant
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Type of bone and gum tissues
  • Bone grafting needs
  • Possible temporization of the implants
  • Patient’s physiology and healing potential

Teeth replacement in non-aesthetic zones with good bone anatomy can be completed in as short as three months from implant placement to the final crown.