Fees and Payment Options for Corrective Jaw Surgery

The fees depend on the type of jaw surgery, whether it requires upper, lower, or both, its complexity, and other adjunctive procedures such as a chin procedure or cheek augmentations. Corrective jaw surgery and hospitalization costs may be considered for benefits under some medical insurances, although many have excluded jaw surgeries or offer very little coverage.

During your initial evaluation, we can assist you in submitting a pre-treatment letter and obtaining your available benefits. Following the procedure, claim forms are submitted for reimbursement. Insurance coverage is never guaranteed and the final amount of payment is not determined until a claim has been submitted.

For those with no insurance, we offer short- and long-term payment plans with no interest through CareCredit or Lending Club. We can also also arrange a fixed hospital cost for you that will include all aspects of your hospitalization, including operating room, anesthesia, materials, recovery room, and nursing care. This fee is paid directly to the hospital on the morning of your procedure.