Anesthesia Options for a Better Experience

Expect a Better Experience:

Anxiety related to dental work is not uncommon. Most oral procedures are tolerated quite well by patients especially if the dentist practices modern approaches, technology, good pain management, and of course, a gentle touch. However, oral surgery procedures vary and a proper anesthesia approach can make the experience more pleasant and comfortable.

Patients have a choice of IV sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or local anesthesia only.

Over 95 percent of patients undergoing oral procedures,
choose to be asleep with IV sedation.

Forms of anesthesia:

  • General anesthesia
    • Administered in the hospital by an anesthesiologist
    • Requires intubation for assisted breathing during surgery
    • May be done for outpatient procedures
  • IV sedation
    • Administered in our office by Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi
    • Requires an IV access and full monitoring
    • Recovery is quick: 30-45 minutes and the patient is often ready to go home
    • Requires patient to avoid drinking or eating anything for 8 hours before and to have some one as escort post-procedure.
  • Nitrous oxide sedation
    • Administered in our office by Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi
    • Given via a nasal mask
    • Recovery takes two to three minutes
    • May eat or drink prior to surgery and no escort is necessary
  • Local anesthesia
    • The ‘numbing’ anesthesia
    • Numbing resolves over two to three hours