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About Fixed Hybrid Design

For patients who don’t want dentures that come out, there is the fixed hybrid design option. This approach allows the prosthesis to be fixed to the implants for optimal comfort, aesthetics, and function. They are designed to allow easy cleaning and maintenance. There are three common designs for fixed hybrid teeth:

  • All-on-4: With this options, a fixed prosthesis is supported by four implants. This can be used in patients with significant bone loss in the back of their jaws. Implants are positioned in a way that does not require bone grafting.

fixed hybrid-teeth supported by dental implants oral surgeon bethesda

  • Five-Six Implants: This option can be used for fixed-hybrid or pink-free full-arch treatments. This is fixed restoration that has a metal sub-structure or made of full ceramic Zirconia supported by the implants. This design eliminates denture extensions or flanges and feels more natural.all on 6 fixed hybrid implant supported teeth bethesda oral surgeon washington dc dentist
  • Eight Implants: This design is indicated for patients who want fully-fixed implant-supported bridge (providing there is sufficient bone and soft tissue) or for patients with large bone structures with increased arch size. A fixed conventional bridge is typically made of porcelain or other ceramics and is supported by implants via screws or cement. A pink-free full-arch restoration is most commonly made of Zirconia supported by dental implants via screws.
  • More closely resembles the feeling of natural teeth.
  • Because it is completely supported by implants, no denture flanges are necessary therefore making it more comfortable
  • Extremely stable so any type of food can be chewed easily
  • Easily cleaned

Zygomatic Dental Implants for Patients with Severe Bone Loss:

For patients who have lost significant amount of bone, inadequate for conventional implants, who do not want extensive bone grafting procedures, a fixed-full arch restoration supported by Zygmoatic or Pterygoid implants is an excellent option. This eliminates the need for extensive bone grafting procedures while providing the patient a fixed set of teeth. See an Example in our Portfolio

Is it Right For Me?

Fixed implant-supported teeth design may be the right option for you if:

  • You are using existing dentures and want to improve its support and retention
  • You want to maximize your chewing ability and eating your favorite food
  • You want the closest feel and appearance of natural teeth
  • You want fixed teeth that are not removed from the mouth
  • You have moderate or no bone loss
  • You need extraction of your remaining teeth and don’t want to use a conventional denture
  • You want to preserve your jaw bone from further damage
  • You want to eliminate all the extra denture flanges from the sides and also from covering your palate
  • You have moderate budget availability

How Does It Work?

fixed hybrid-teeth supported by dental implants oral surgeon bethesdaThe implants provide complete support for the teeth and require no support from the gum tissue as in the case for an overdenture. Therefore, the hybrid design has no flanges extending into the cheeks or palate, making it most comfortable and natural to the patient. The implants support a framework, either made of Titanium or Zirconia, which in-turn supports the teeth made of either of acrylic, porcelain, or zirconia.

The teeth are held to the implants with retaining screws and hence it is fixed and not removable by the patient. Depending on the patient’s bite requirements four to eight dental implants may be recommended.


Treatment Stages and Process

The treatment is a collaborative effort between the oral surgeon and the restorative dentist. The oral surgeon offers expertise in placement of the dental implant and the restorative dentist will fabricate the actual teeth (overdenture). The treatment sequence is:

  1. The oral Surgeon obtains CBCT (cone beam CT Scan) to assess quality and quantity of bone.
  2. The restorative dentist completes clinical evaluation and takes impressions for study models and design, as well as assess the bite and aesthetic requirements. An interim denture is then fabricated and tried in the patient for proper fit and assure patient is happy with its aesthetics and design.
  3. The surgeon then uses the CBCT for a 3-dimensional computer assisted planning with virtual implant placement in the computer model of patient’s jaw bone. A surgical guide is then fabricated using 3-D printing.
  4. The surgeon places the dental implants using the surgical guide with optimal precision and accuracy.
  5. In some circumstances, the implants are immediately restored with a temporary fixed set of teeth (known as Teeth-In-A-Day). In this case, patient goes home with fixed teeth. The implants are allowed to heal for 3-4 months before fabrication of the final teeth.
  6. When immediate implant restoration is not possible or recommended, then the implants are allowed to heal for 3-4 months before final teeth are made. Patient continues using the transitional denture in the interim.
  7. The restorative dentist then takes final impressions and fabricates the final fixed hybrid prosthesis. The bite is adjusted and the new teeth are checked for overall comfort, function, and aesthetics.

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Treatment Cost

Treatment Options For Full Arch Teeth Replacement:

  • Most popular- Teeth-On-4 Fixed Hybrid: From $22900
  • High Performance- Plus Fixed Hybrid (all-on-6): From $29500
  • Complete fee packages include all consultations, diagnostics, X-rays, 3-dimensional computer-assisted planning, CAM /CAD surgical guides, necessary simple extractions,  dental implants placement, transitional prosthesis, final restorations, and all follow-up appointments.
  • For both upper and lower full arch treatments, we offer a combined discounted fee. Contact us for information.

Teeth on 4 Fixed Implant-Supported Hybrid: From $22900

  • Includes 4 dental implants
  • A set of teeth that are fully supported by the 4 dental implants
  • Teeth are fixed and stay in the mouth
  • Excellent comfort and aesthetics
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Plus Fixed Implant-Supported Hybrid: from $29500

  • Includes 6 dental implants for added support and stability
  • A set of teeth that are fully supported by 6 dental implants
  • Teeth are fixed and stay in the mouth
  • Excellent comfort and aesthetics
  • Easy to clean and maintain