Current Dental Implant Topics

Information on current technology, treatment approaches, and patient-centered current topics on implant dentistry.

Ceramic Dental Implants

If you need dental implants to replace your missing teeth and for whatever reason do not want 'metal', you may be considering 'ceramic' dental implants as an alternative. Ceramic dental implants, specifically known as zirconium or zirconia dental implants, are one of the newer forms of dental impl... Read More

CT Scan Guided Implants

Dental implants have become the optimal treatment option for replacement of missing teeth. They have 98% + success rate and have allowed many patients to achieve normal eating and smiling without the irreversible damaging effect of other alternatives such as bridges or dentures. To achieve optima... Read More

Achieving Implant Success

Achieving implant Success Download Dental implants offer over a 98% success rate and are now the standard-of-care for replacement of missing teeth. To achieve life-time success, six critical and fundamental principles must be followed: Have a Team of Dentists The long-term success of dental imp... Read More