Online Payment

Use Paypal for easy and secure online payments:

  • Your upcoming surgery

  • Scheduling deposit

  • Your existing payment plan

  • Online consultations

Payment Form
For the exact amount due, contact us via email or call us at (301) 654-7070


Important notes:

Payment for upcoming surgery:

  • Please speak to our treatment coordinator about the exact fees.

  • Your payment will be credited to your account. On the day of surgery, your payment will be posted towards services provided.

Scheduling deposit:

  • The scheduling deposit is $500.00 for surgeries which will be credited toward services. This will confirm your reservation for the given appointment.

  • This is a non-refundable fee

Payment for existing accounts (payment plans):

  • Please refer to your agreement for the exact amount of your monthly payment.

Payment for online consultation:

  • The fee for online consultation is $175.00

  • Please click here for instructions on how to send records to prepare for your online consultation