Upper and Lower Implant Overdentures

The Story:

This patient had many teeth missing while the remaining teeth were severely decayed. She had an upper bridge that had failed and also a partial denture that had become increasingly difficult to use and quite painful. She was very embarrassed of her looks and could not eat anything well. She saw her dentist, Dr. Ariel Abramson of Washington DC, and oral surgeon, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi for a long term solution.


Because of her extreme anxiety and fears, her surgery was done under anesthesia providing her optimal comfort. Dr. Kazemi extracted all of the teeth and placed 4 upper and 4 lower dental implants immediately on the same day. She was then given transitional dentures while the implants healed for about three months. Dr. Abramson then fabricated her final overdentures supported by the dental implants. Because of the design and distribution of the implants, the prosthesis was very stable and did not move at all during chewing and function.

She was extremely happy with her new smile and eating ability. The teeth felt and looked natural and now with dental implants, quite stable and strong.

Margaret shares her experience- Video:

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What were the keys to her success?

  • Why was immediate implants possible in this patient: This patient had adequate bone support for placement of implants on the same day and there was no infection or chronic inflammatory disease associated with the extracted teeth.
  • An excellent restorative dentist working in collaboration with Dr. Kazemi- When replacing all teeth in a jaw, a very detailed treatment plan and strategy must be designed. It was through this team approach in implant dentistry with expertise of Dr. Kazemi performing all the surgery and mastery of Dr. Abramson restoring the implants that we were able to achieve a great and predictable result.
  • Proper implant positioning- Implants must be in proper position and angle for long term success.
  • Patient compliance with necessary follow up- Effective oral hygiene and routine dental exam and cleaning are the key to keeping healthy teeth and implants.