Sinus Lift and Onlay Bone Graft to Restore Height and Width of Bone for Upper Dental Implants

The Story:

This patient had missing upper right molars and wanted to have fixed teeth supported by dental implants. However his ridge was both thin in height and width. A combination of sinus lift bone graft and onlay bone graft was necessary to restore the proper height and width of bone for the desired implants.


A sinus lift procedure and onlay bone graft was performed at same time using partly patient’s own bone from his lower jaw and other bone grafting materials. Bone graft was done in conjunction with platelet rich fibrin and guided bone regeneration techniques. After 6 months of healing, a full digital diagnostics were performed using CBCT and optical scan followed by computer-assisted dental implant planning. A surgical guide was printed and used during procedure to accurate placement of dental implants. After 4 months of healing, the implants were restored.

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