Pink-Free Full Arch Dental Implant Replacement of Upper Teeth

The Story:

This patient presented with several remaining upper teeth that was not restorable and required extractions. With several other missing teeth, a full-arch dental implant treatment plan was discussed. As patient had normal level of bone and gum tissue, a pink-free full arch dental implant-supported restoration was recommended.

This is treatment of choice for patients with normal level of bone and gum tissue who have non-restorable remaining teeth. No need to cut down bone and create room for a hybrid prosthesis and prosthetic gum tissue (the pink)!  The ‘additive’ philosophy with bone and soft tissue preservation and augmentation is much better for the patient than a ‘reductive’ philosophy which destroys perfectly healthy tissues. Cutting bone is a common practice for hybrid full arch implant restorations which is faster and cheaper- BUT requires bone reduction and removing perfectly healthy tissues. 


A digital computer-assisted planned was done to precisely predict the position of the implants for full arch therapy. Surgical guides were then fabricated to precisely guide us during placement of the implants. The implants were then restored with an immediate provisional restoration on same day providing patient with optimal aesthetics. Following 4 months of healing and implants integration, the provisional restoration was replaced with a prototype full arch restoration and then with a final ceramic (Zirconia) restoration.

The key to success:

  • Total digital planning and guided implant placement
  • Preservation and augmentation of bone and gum tissue
  • Precisely fabricated provisional and prototype restorations
  • Treatment design based on aesthetic, functional, and biological factors.

Before & After Gallery: