Broken Upper Teeth and Immediate Implants

The Story:

This patient suffered a blow to his front teeth during a football match. The upper front incisors suffered deep fractures. He was referred by his dentist, Dr. Annie Yu, to Dr. Kazemi for immediate evaluation and treatment. Because of the deep fractures, the teeth could not be saved and had to be removed. The patient was very upset at loosing his front teeth and wanted to have them replaced as soon as possible. Immediate implants were discussed to replace both teeth.


Under IV sedation, the fractured teeth were removed. Implants were placed immediately along with minor bone grafting to maintain proper bone and gum tissue form. He then immediately returned to Dr. Yu and Dr. Peter Rinaldi of The Washington Center for Dentistry, to get a temporary restoration. About four months later, the implants were exposed and new temporary crowns were made on the implants. This was very important to help shape the gum tissue. The implant-supported temporaries were kept in place for about three months. Dr. Peter Rinaldi closely monitored the healing process and maturation of the gum tissue during this time. Once the patient, Dr. Kazemi, and Dr. Rinaldi determined the optimal cosmetic results were achieved, the final crowns were then placed. The crown and abutment (the extension that sits on the implant and supports the crown) were fabricated using all ceramic materials with no metals. This allowed a natural appearance of the teeth. The crowns were made separate to allow the patient easily floss in between. He is very happy with the look and feel of his new teeth.
final crowns

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