Immediate Dental Implant

The Story:

Immediate dental implants provide many patients the best solution for their particular treatment when done by the appropriate team of specialist. Subsequently was the case for this patient who originally had a crown done five years before her visit. Restoration of her decayed upper front tooth was not possible, so extraction of the tooth was the only option. She had a moderate smile level and showed her gums when she smiled wide. Most of all, she was very concerned about aesthetics and preserving her natural smile. Her general dentist proposed to do the extraction and immediate implant procedure, but the patient knew this was not a job for a general dentist. Consequently, she would rather seek care from an implant specialists. Hence, Dr. Kazemi evaluated the patient and proceeded with an immediate dental implant treatment and referred her to Dr. Keith Progebin, a prosthodontist in Washington DC to complete the restorative treatment.


Following initial diagnostics and examinations, a temporary restoration served as the interim prosthesis which was a critical task as it provides lots of information as to how the final crown may look. Dr. Kazemi then extracted the tooth and placed an immediate dental implant on the same day  and allowed to heal for about three months. Meanwhile, Dr. Progebin fabricated a customized temporary restoration that supported the dental implant and allowed healing of the surrounding gum tissue for another three months allowing the gum tissue to mature adequately and remain stable until the final crown is placed. The final crown and the underlying abutment (an extension on the implant that supports the crown)was then fabricated with 100% ceramic material to optimize its aesthetics.

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The keys to our success:

  • Team approach by an oral surgeon and a prosthodontist, each specialized in dental implants
  • Detailed cosmetic work up and diagnostics
  • An accurate surgical guide made from the work up
  • Precisely positioned dental implant
  • Temporization for minimum three months
  • Masterfully designed and fabricated full ceramic crown with proper dimensions and form