Khoury Bone Graft for Horizontal Bone Augmentation and Placement of Dental Implants

The Story:

This patient presented with missing teeth and thin ridge following loss of her teeth many years ago. Cone beam CT scan showed horizontal bone atrophy and inadequate width of bone for implants.


During the first surgical procedure, ridge bone augmentation was performed following the Khoury technique followed by 4 months of healing. Then following digital implant planning, two dental implants were placed and allowed for integration for 4 months before final restorations.

Keys to achieving this result:

  • Collaborative team approach between surgeon and restorative dentist
  • Development of adequate bone foundation using Khoury bone grafting technique
  • Use of CBCT for 3-D planning and implant positioning.
  • Precision placement of dental implants
  • A surgical guide for implant placement based on crown positioning (prosthetic-based implant placement)
  • Custom abutments and anatomically fabricated crowns with precision fit


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