Short and Wide Dental Implants

The Story:

This patient had missing lower right molars and had lost significant height of bone. She was told by several doctors that implants were not possible. She came to see us for a second opinion. After a careful diagnostic work up, we determined that short and wide dental implants can be used to replace her teeth safely and effectively.


This patient had significant loss of bony height in her lower jaw. A CBCT (cone beam CT) was done to accurately measure the exact dimensions of her available bone. Due to the position of the nerve, it was crucial to pick the right size dental implants and avoid injury to nerves below. Short and wide dental implants were selected for her treatment. This was ideal as bone grafting was not an option and only short implants could be done. The extra wide dimensions on these types of implants provides great stability and long term success, even though they are very short. Dr. Kazemi placed these implants under IV sedation. Because of careful 3-D imaging, planning, and use of a surgical guide, the implants were precisely placed while avoiding the nearby nerve.

Following a 3-month healing, the implants were restored providing the patient with a normal bite and chewing function.

Photo Gallery:

Keys to Success:

  • 3-D planning using CBCT
  • Precise measurement of available bone from the nerve
  • Use of short and wide dental implants
  • Use of surgical guide for precise implant positioining