Hybrid Bridge with 6 Implants

Patient unhappy with denture:

This patient had been using a removable denture for years and was extremely unhappy with it. She complained that it became loose often and she could not eat with it. She used several types of denture adhesives but she found it messy and ineffective. She was at a social function one day when her denture fell out while eating and she became very embarrassed. That was when she decided to get something better. She came to us from her general dentist who had discussed some options for a fixed prosthesis.


She had some bone loss in the back of her lower jaw, but had very good bone in the front aspect. The option of a hybrid prosthesis was discussed which she really liked. This is basically a fixed denture on implants. It is very strong as it has a metal substructure and is fixed to the implants with several screws. Patient can not remove the prosthesis and it stays in all the time.

Six dental implants were placed, all at the same visit, in about an hour right in our office under IV sedation. After a two month healing, she returned to her dentist for impressions. The final hybrid prosthesis was delivered and secured in place.

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