Full Arch Fixed Implant and Teeth Supported Bridge

The Story:

This patient had few remaining teeth and was using a partial denture for many years. He wanted a fixed set of teeth so he can eat better and be more comfortable in every day life.


Following complete diagnostics and a cone beam CT scan , a 3-D model was created for virtual placement of necessary dental implants. Several remaining upper teeth were preserved for support of a conventional crown / bridge. Under IV sedation, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi placed the necessary number of dental implants using a pre-fabricated surgical guide from the 3-D work-up. After four months of healing, the team restorative dentist restored the dental implants with a provisional restoration followed by a final fixed bridge three months later. With this approach, we preserved the bone and gum tissue and replaced the missing teeth with implant- and tooth-supported fixed bridge allowing the patient to chew comfortably and smile with confidence.

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What were the keys to success?

  • Preservation of remaining teeth
  • Preservation of bone and gum tissue and not cutting it down for conventional hybrid prosthesis
  • Careful 3-dimensional work up for precise placement of dental implants.
  • Team approach with Dr. Kazemi as oral surgeon along with our team restorative dentist.
  • Properly selected implant sizes and locations.
  • Proper implant positioning using a surgical guide.