Canine Replacement With Dental Implant with Partial Extraction Therapy (PET) / Socket Shield

We present this patient with a non-restorable canine due to deep caries. An extraction and dental implant was planned. Due to its highly aesthetic position in the smile zone, preservation of the bone and gum tissue was critical. For this, a modified extraction technique known as partial extraction therapy (PET) / socket shield was used. A digital 3-D work-up was first done followed by fabrication of a surgical guide. Then an immediate dental implant was placed along with minor gap bone graft and an immediate customized healing abutment to shape the gum tissue.  After a 3-month healing, the final implant-supported restoration was designed and delivered.

The topography and gum (gingival) margin was completely preserved and stable due to partial extraction therapy and support of the overlying bone and tissue it provided.


  1. Computer-assisted treatment planning to position implant in precise position
  2. Partial extraction therapy / socket shield technique
  3. Immediate placement of dental implant using a printed surgical guide
  4. Minor gap bone graft to fill in the space between implant and socket shield (the thin layer of root left in place)
  5. Provisional restoration to design soft tissue
  6. Final restoration after 3 months using customized abutment and restoration