Lower Overdenture with Four Dental Implants

The Story:

This patient had few remaining lower teeth that were badly decayed and loose. He had been using a partial denture that had gradually caused irreversible damage to his remaining teeth. He could no longer eat with it. Since his remaining teeth were hopeless, they all had to be extracted. Four dental implants were planned for support of a removable overdenture.


Under IV sedation, Dr. Kazemi first extracted the remaining lower teeth. Because he had healthy bone and no infections, four dental implants were placed immediately on the same day (immediate implants). A temporary denture was then placed as interim. About 2.5 months later, the implants were exposed and prepared for fabrication of an overdenture. His prosthodontist, Dr. Hugo Bonilla, then took necessary impressions and delivered a removable overdenture supported and retained by special attachments (locator abutments). Patient was offered an option for a fixed prosthesis, but due to financial reasons he had decided with the removable overdenture. He is now very comfortable eating anything he wants. He sees his dentist regularly for check up and cleaning and is planning to have the same treatment done for his upper teeth in the near future.

Notes about this treatment option:

  1. Immediate implants were placed as he had great bone and no infections. This way all the necessary surgery was provided in one appointment.
  2. A removable overdenture was made as it was less costly than a fixed prosthesis. But he has the option to upgrade his prosthesis at anytime. The dental implants were placed in strategic positions to allow an upgrade anytime in the future.
  3. The implants, not only support and retain the denture for added comfort and more efficient use, but also preserve the jaw bone from resorption and loss that occurs with use of conventional full dentures.
  4. The collaboration between Dr. Kazemi as the oral surgeon and Dr. Bonilla as the prosthodontist created an ideal and successful result. Team approach is the key to successful implant therapy.