First Molar Single Implant

The Story:

The patient presented with non-restorable tooth #30 (lower left molar) which had to be extracted. A single dental implant was the ideal treatment approach to replace the tooth and provide her with the proper bite and function.


Dr. Kazemi first extracted the tooth. Since bone was healthy, no bone grafting was necessary. After 2.5 months of healing, a single implant was placed and allowed to heal for another 2.5 months. Her prosthodontist, Dr. Peter Savramis, then took impressions, made a custom abutment and crown. Because implant was placed in a timely fashion, the bone and tissue was preserved allowing a very natural result.

Photo Gallery:

Keys to achieving this result:

  • Atraumatic extraction to preserve patient’s bone.
  • Timely placement of dental implant in 2.5 months to avoid loss of bone due to remodeling (read more about treatment timeline).
  • Precision placement of dental implant according to where tooth needs to be.
  • Custom abutment and beautifully crafted crown with precision fit.