Dental Implant Replacement with Sinus Lift Bone Graft of a Non-Restorable Tooth With Bone Loss

Case report

This patient had a no-restorable upper molar due to significant bone loss and infection. The treatment plan consisted of a staged approach with extraction and ridge grafting to restore the missing width of bone, and then a sinus lift at time of implant placement to augment the limited height of bone. Digital workflow used along the entire treatment for optimal accuracy.


  1. Extraction preservation / augmentation bone graft to augment the ridge
  2. 3-D computer-assisted planning
  3. Surgical guide fabricated from 3-D work up using 3-D printing
  4. Single stage conservative sinus lift bone graft at time of implant placement
  5. Proper placement of a dental implant with ideal axis and position
  6. Following 6 months of healing, a custom abutment and crown were fabricated and placed.


Success factors

  1. Bone and soft tissue augmentation
  2. The diagnostic work up began with the end in mind.
  3. 3-D digital work flow for diagnostics and planning
  4. A proper surgical guide allowed accurate placement of the implant.
  5. Site development with attention to ridge and as well as height of bone
  6. A conservative sinus lift procedure at time of implant placement
  7. Well-designed and fabricated implant restoration
  8. A close collaboration between surgeon and restorative dentist, each doing what they do best.