Dental Implant Replacement of a Tooth with Bone Loss

The Story:

The patient presented with a non-restorable lower molar with advanced bone loss due to a vertical fracture. 


Initially, the tooth was extracted and the bone was developed with minor bone graft. After a 4 month healing period, digital workflow was used to design the precise position of the replacement dental implant. A customized surgical guide was printed in our digital laboratory. The implant was placed using the surgical guide and allowed to heal for 3 months.  The implant was then restored with a custom abutment and restoration to achieve optimal gingival support, function, and aesthetics.

Key factors to our success:

  • Proper bone development using guided bone regeneration techniques
  • Digital workflow for precise implant planning
  • Placement of dental implant with surgical guide
  • Customized abutment and restoration for optimal results

Photo Gallery: