Partial Extraction Therapy (PET) / Socket Shield in Management of Fractured Central Incisor

We present a patient a fractured central incisor who was planned for extraction with immediate implant placement using socket shield / partial extraction therapy for preservation of bone and soft tissue form and optimal aesthetics. A 2 year follow up shows remarkable preservation of tissue and aesthetics.


  1. The tooth was extracted using socket shield / partial extraction therapy (PET) technique.
  2. A dental implant was placed using surgical guide designed based on 3-D work up
  3. A gap bone graft was placed
  4. The prefabricated provisional restoration was modified to a customized healing abutment due to deep overbite
  5. Patient’s own tooth was used as a transitional restoration, bonded to adjacent teeth
  6. After 3.5 months of healing, implant digital impression was obtained using a scan body
  7. Implant was restored with a customized abutment and screw-retained restoration