Lower Molar Single Implant

The Story:

The patient was referred by her dentist, Dr. Stephen Friedman of Silver Spring MD, for extraction of a lower molar which had significant infection. She had a root canal done on that tooth several years ago. Her new endodontist, Dr. Sasan Jafari of Rockville MD, evaluated it for possible retreatment. However, due to significant infection, bone loss, and tooth damage, it was recommended to be extracted instead.


Dr. Kazemi extracted the tooth under IV sedation. The extraction site was then grafted to rebuild the bone that had been lost due to infection. The area was allowed to heal for about 6 months. A dental implant was then placed and three months later, it was restored with a custom abutment and crown by her dentist.

Because of bone grafting, normal bone and gum tissue form was maintained which allowed placement of the implant with precision. It also allowed the restorative dentist fabricate a crown with normal contours that not only looks great, but also is easy to clean. The patient is now enjoying his favorite foods and is quite comfortable eating anything she likes.

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