Bone Graft & Dental Implant

The Story:

This patient had her upper incisor extracted and missing for several months. She was using a temporary flipper at the time. She wanted to replace her tooth permanently. Due to some loss of bone and gum tissue, the site required an initial bone graft to support an implant-supported crown.


Initially, the prosthodontist, Dr. Keith Progebin, fabricated a temporary bridge using the adjacent teeth that already had old and defective crowns. Next Dr. Kazemi augmented the site with an onlay bone graft. After six months of healing, using CBCT and 3-Dimensional computer-assisted planning, a dental implant was placed.

The implant was allowed to heal for three months and then temporized for another 3 months to design the gum tissue and create an aesthetic harmony. Finally, a crown was fabricated and placed along with new crowns on adjacent teeth. Patient was extremely happy with the result.

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The keys to our success:

  • Team approach by an oral surgeon and the restorative dentist, each specialized in dental implants
  • Staged treatment
  • Bone graft to build missing tissue and keep the gum tissue well supported and aligned.
  • Precisely positioned dental implant using 3-dimensional computer assisted planning
  • A great temporary crown to form the proper gum tissue form
  • Great customized abutment and final crown to make it look and feel natural