Lower Molar Implant

The Story:

This patient presented with infection of lower left molar due to fracture of a previously root canal treated tooth. Patient was in pain and had some local swelling. Patient was seen initially by an endodontist who confirmed the tooth is compromised, has poor prognosis, and requires extraction.


Dr. Kazemi extracted the tooth under IV sedation and grafted the site to restore the bone foundation for future implant replacement. The site was allowed to heal for 6 months. A single dental implant was then placed by Dr. Kazemi and allowed to heal for another 3 months. Her dentist, Dr. Gene Giannini then restored the implant with a custom abutment and crown.

Photo Gallery:

Keys to achieving this result:

  • Extraction with grafting to restore the missing bone and preserve bone and tissue form.
  • Use of CBCT for 3-D planning and implant positioning.
  • Precision placement of dental implant according to precise diagnostics
  • Custom abutment and beautifully crafted crown with precision fit.