Bone Graft and 3 Upper Dental Implants

The Story:

This patient had failing upper left bridge with decay and gum disease involving the supporting teeth. She had pain, swelling, and could not eat on either side.

Fink- pre teeth extraction panorex


Initially the infected and decayed teeth were removed and allowed to heal for 2 months. Then a diagnostic CBCT (dental CT scan) was done which showed inadequate height of bone due to proximity of the maxillary sinus. Bone was regenerated by performing a sinus lift bone graft and an only graft to create adequate height and width of bone. After 6 months of healing, a 3-D work-up consisting of optical scan and dental scan was completed to plan for precise placement of three dental implants. The dental implants were allowed to heal for 4 months before our team restorative dentist restored them with single crowns.

fink - final implant supported crowns copy

Final result:

The final crowns made by our team restorative dentist are each supported with their individual dental implant. Patient can easily clean and floss around her new teeth and is now enjoying a strong bite and a beautiful smile that has changed her life.

final implant crowns bite 2

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