The Story

This patient presented with moderate to advanced periodontal disease (gum disease) and several missing teeth. He wanted a set of teeth that most closely resembled his own natural teeth. While a hybrid restoration could have been done, he did not like the ‘fake’ gum tissue in its design. He wanted teeth coming out of his own gum tissue. Secondly he did not want to have a removable denture during the interim phase. So the treatment plan included 8 upper and 8 lower dental implants to support a bridge.

The Treatment

The treatment was in a staged fashion in order to always have him in a fixed provisional restoration. This involved selected extractions and implants in several stages so we could use either teeth or the implants as support for his temporary (provisional ) teeth. Ultimately 8 upper and 8 lower implants were placed supporting a fixed set of teeth. The teeth were designed to resemble natural teeth emerging from his own gum tissue.