Missing and Failing Upper Teeth

The Story:

Prior to her visit with us, Lora had endured a bone grafting procedure and an implant, which became infected and was causing her significant pain. She indicated the importance of having her teeth because she is a busy professional and as part of her job she must talk a lot with her clients. She did not want a removable denture and she did not like her smile. She wanted a fixed prosthesis that allowed her to smile more, talk comfortably, and eat her favorite foods.


First, Her infection was treated and several remaining teeth that were not restorable were extracted. To support a fixed bridge, eight upper implants were required. Because of inadequate bone in the back of her upper jaw, a bone graft procedure (sinus lift bone augmentation) was first performed. Six months later, dental implants were placed. After a three month healing, a temporary fixed bridge was placed. This provided her the opportunity to check her bite and smile, as well as allow the gum tissues to heal. The final bridge was then placed supported completely by implants.

She is now enjoying her new smile and favorite foods, and more importantly not thinking about her teeth- She describes them ‘like her natural teeth that she once had’

Photo Gallery:

Patient’s Video Testimonial