Sinus lift and Three Dental Implants

Case report

Patient with failing bridge upper left side #12-14 with significant caries and periodontal disease. A staged treatment approach was designed with plans for replacement of teeth #12, 13, and 14.

Fink- pre op panorex


  1. Extraction of teeth #12 and 14
  2. Site allowed to heal for 2.5 months to regenerate soft tissue and bone.
  3. Sinus lift bone augmentation using lateral osteotomy approach. An autogenous and allogeneic bone combination was used for graft material along with PRGF for enhanced tissue maturation.
  4. Site allowed to heal for 6 months.
  5. CBCT and optical scan done for implant planning. A 3-D work up was completed and a surgical guide was fabricated.
  6. Implants #12, 13, and 14 were placed using our surgical guide.
  7. Dental implants were allowed to heal for 4 months and then exposed with placement of appropriate healing abutments.
  8. Following 6 weeks of soft tissue healing, implant level impressions were done for fabrication of customized abutments and placement of final crowns.

fink - final implant supported crowns

final implant crowns bite 2 copy

Success factors:

  1. Staged treatment to achieve a healthy implant site before grafting stage.
  2. Proper site development with sinus lift bone augmentation to achieve proper height of bone
  3. CBT and optical scan for total implant planning
  4. A well-fabricated surgical guide
  5. Submerging of implant during healing as the grafted bone is most likely D4 quality
  6. Customized abutments and carefully fabricated final crowns.