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In this video, Dr. Kazemi demonstrates a flapless, minimally invasive technique to remove failed dental implants. The procedure can be completed in less than 10 minutes with minimal discomfort and rapid patient healing.

Case Reports

Featured Case Report- Extraction and Immediate implant #8:

This is a young female who presented to us for evaluation and treatment. Tooth #8 had been treated endodontically and a poor fitting crown. Tooth had recurrent caries and loss of proper foundation for the crown. Tooth was extracted and immediately replaced with a dental implants. After a period of temporization to design proper soft tissue architecture, the final restoration was placed.


Featured Ebook- ‘The Painful Dental Implant’

‘The Painful Dental Implant’ helps patients understand peri-implantitis, the most common complication and cause of pain with dental implants. You will learn why peri-implantitis happens, why it may be on the rise, how to prevent it, and how to treat it.


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Reference Articles

Featured reference article:

This articles describes, step by step, how to refer patients effectively and achieve optimal case acceptance.


Featured Publication:

In this article, Dr. Benjamin Watkins and Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi present a patient who had suffered significant loss of bone and tissue involving maxillary right incisor. Through a staged treatment with close collaboration, patient was provided with an aesthetic dental implant replacement of this tooth.

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Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi is a contributor to DentalXP, a global educational platform. He has contributed articles, presentations, and other materials in both dentalXP site as well as at their annual symposium.


Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi is a contributor to Vumedi online educational platform.

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