FAQ For Doctors and Staff


What insurances do you accept? What are the payment options? Do you offer payment plans? What are the fees for common procedures? What procedures may be covered under medical insurances?What insurances do you accept? We are not member providers with any insurance plans but will happily assist you... Read More

Patient Referral

Scheduling your patients Office hours Referral forms X-rays Emergency patients Number of appointments Staying informed about patient progress Effective patient referrals Unable to complete a difficult extraction Handling poor treatment outcomesScheduling your patients Your patients may... Read More

Pre-Surgical Considerations

Anesthesia options Managing anxious patients Pre-surgical instructions Antibiotic prophylaxis Patient taking medicationsAnesthesia options There are three anesthesia options: IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and local anesthesia. IV sedation is the most recommended and best option chosen by most patie... Read More

Post-Surgical Considerations

Instruction highlights Management of pain Swelling Bleeding Diet Oral hygiene Dry socket Post-operative Infections Transitional prosthesisInstructions highlightsThe healing process is different in every individual. It depends on multiple factors including health, age, healing physiology, tissue... Read More

Medical Management

Cardiovascular disease Hypertension Coagulopathy Asthma Seizures Diabetes Patients on steroids Patients on bisphosphonates Pregnancy BreastfeedingCardiovascular disease Patients with a history of angina, heart attack, congestive heart disease, or valve disorders are evaluated by Dr. Ka... Read More


Anesthesia options Managing anxious patients Pre-surgical instructions Antibiotic prophylaxisAnesthesia options There are three anesthesia options: IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and local anesthesia. IV sedation is the most recommended and best option chosen by most patients. It can be safely admini... Read More

Third Molar Extractions

Best treatment approach Best age for removal Infection? Optimal anesthesia RecoveryBest treatment approach The best treatment approach is early removal of all four third molars before development of inflammation or symptoms. It is best to have all four third molars (or more if supernumarary) remov... Read More

Extraction Site Grafting

Patient communication Indications Grafting materials Healing time When can implants be placed?Patient communication Extraction of a tooth consistently results in bone and tissue loss. This can create a poor site for implant placement or poor tissue architecture for pontic and other forms of prosth... Read More

Dental Implants

Indications for implants Contraindications What are the age limits? Inadequate bone Types of implants Surgical guides Treatment time and stages Patient recovery Abutment selection Immediate implants Immediate/early restorations Implant in smile zone Indexing/impression techniques Placement of final ... Read More

Bone Grafting

Indications Onlay bone grafting Sinus lift bone grafting Materials Healing time Patient recovery Transitional prosthesisIndications Bone grafting is indicated when there is inadequate width or height of bone necessary for proper implant support and long term success. Bone grafting is a predictable... Read More

Canine Exposure

When should canine exposure be done? What is the technique? Anesthesia options Recovery Orthodontic eruptionWhen should canine exposure be done? Canine exposure is generally performed on patients between the ages of 11 to 14. The canine is suspected to be impacted when it has not erupted as expect... Read More

Orthognathic Surgery

What is orthognathic surgery? What are the age limits? Where is surgery performed? Is orthognathic surgery covered by insurance? What are the treatment options for the lower jaw? What are the treatment options for the upper jaw? Patient recoveryWhat is orthognathic surgery? Orthognathic surgery is... Read More


What injuries do we treat? Subluxated teeth Avulsed teeth What are the possible treatments for teeth that were lost, knocked out, or came out of their socket? Fractured teeth Dentoalveolar fracture Mandibular fractures Maxillary fractures Cheek bone fractures LacerationsWhat injuries do we treat? ... Read More


Sources of infections What is the optimal treatment? Best time to extract the offending tooth Antibiotics ComplicationsSources of infections Oral and facial infections are most commonly caused by teeth. Caries or periodontal disease can lead to localized abscesses which, if not treated, can expand... Read More