Dental Implants Videos for Professionals

How To Cut Implant Restorative Cost By Up To 75%

In this presentation, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and Amir Juzbasic, master dental technician, discuss digital work flow and a collaborative strategy that cuts down on implant restorative cost by up to 75%. This approach will provide better results, less chair time, less overall cost, and improved overall patient experience.

Digital Implant Dentistry

In this video, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi provides a step-by-step process in digital implant dentistry from diagnosis to delivery of the restorations. Using intra-oral scanner, cone beam CT scan, planning software, and CAD / CAM restorations, treatments can be done with more precision, less time, and with remarkable results.

Atraumatic Root Extraction and Immediate Dental Implant

In this video, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi demonstrates a tooth / root extraction system for atraumatic removal of roots. This technique is critical in preservation of bone and soft tissue surrounding the fractured tooth or retained root. In-addition, he describes the process for immediate placement of a dental implant.

Single stage dental implant and sinus lift procedure

This video demonstrates a patient with missing upper molar and inadequate bone height due to sinus position. A single stage implant placement and sinus lift bone grafting was performed. A minimally invasive sinus lift technique using specialized instruments was used. This allows a small 5-6 mm window for placement of the graft.

CT Scan-Guided Dental Implant Planning

This short video describes the three simple steps in CT-guided dental implant planning, surgery, and restoration. This technology allows the surgeon and the restorative dentist replace missing teeth with dental implants accurately, safely, and with optimal functional and cosmetic results.

Precision CT-Guided Dental Implant Planning and Surgery

CT-guided implant planning, and surgery along with the aid of surgical guide, allows clinicians to accurately and precisely position the dental implants. It also allows us to perform the surgeries in a less invasive fashion, supporting a rapid recovery and less complications. In this video, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi, discusses the diagnostic process and surgical technique by presenting a patient's treatment.

Vestibuloplasty: Indications and Techniques

In this video, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi reviews various vestibuloplasty procedures that have been described for restoring the vestibular depth and increasing denture surface area. Additionally, he discusses application of vestibuloplasty in management of patients with bone augmentation and implants who commonly present with decreased vestibular depth, inadequate zone of keratinized gingiva, and thin soft tissue biotype.

Single Implant Tooth Replacement in the Aesthetic Zone

Replacement of missing teeth with implants in the aesthetic zone requires careful planning, diagnostic work-up, close collaboration, and attention to each important stage of the treatment. This presentation discusses and demonstrates these critical principles through a case report.