Full-Arch Dental Implant Treatments Program

Our Team Collaborative Model

Our full arch dental implant treatments are designed with a total team approach in mind. As the restorative dentist, you will be working in close collaboration with our office and our team laboratory providing full arch treatments in a seamless and efficient fashion.

Whether you are beginning to provide full arch treatments or already have experience, we will guide you along each phase of the treatment providing you with the support, quick response, and knowledge base to deliver remarkable full-arch treatments to your patients.

The team members will communicate through our implant treatment platform, Basecamp, where all notes, updates, X-rays, and letters are saved with easy access anytime.

Next, lets review the main options in full-arch therapy:

Treatment Options

Depending on your patients’ needs, there are four treatment options:

Fixed Implant-Supported Bridge

  • This is the pink-free treatment option ideal for FP1 classification (no bone loss)
  • Teeth are extracted, immediate implants are placed as indicated, and additional site bone grafting is performed to improve tissue architecture.
  • An immediate implant-supported temporary prosthesis may be delivered
  • This approach preserves patients’ bone and soft tissue and creating more natural appearing teeth.

Fixed Implant-Supported Hybrid

  • Ideal for patients who want fixed restorations but have already suffered vertical bone loss due to denture use or periodontal disease
  • Extractions, immediate implants, and immediate load protocol can be done in such patients although in some patients a staged approach may be recommended.
  • The final restoration will be a hybrid consisting of prosthetic gingiva.
  • 4-6 implants are required for this option

Removable Implant & Tissue Supported Overdenture

  • Using 2 or 4 implants to support a removable overdenture
  • An option for those patients who have limited finances and do not object to a removable prosthesis.
  • A transitional full denture is provided while the implants are healing.
  • The final restoration utilizes locator abutments or bar/clip design for retention and support.

Now lets look at the workflow:


  1. Patient consultation & pre-qualification
    • Begin by discussing the treatment options and assess specific needs of your patient.
    • Open up conversation on both time and financial feasibility and how motivated your patient is to proceed with treatments.
    • Take photos and an optical scan and show patient the condition of their teeth.
    • Obtain FMS / Pan / CBCT (if you have available)
    • Download Full Arch Patient Questionnaire in-take form to help with pre-qualification
    • Third party financing: Get financing approval
  2. Patient referral:
    • Next provide your patient with a referral to our office for examination. Emphasize the ‘TEAM’ who who will take care of them.
    • Discuss your patients’ needs and which treatment option fits them best.
    • If patient simply wants to learn about treatment options, steps, timeline, fees, and financing options, you may recommend a visit to our Smile Studio- No Consultation Fees and No Appointments Necessary– Open M-F from 10 AM- 5 PM. 
    • Send any notes, X-rays, or other documents in advance to our office
    • For referral to Smile Studio, you may download this referral form and Email to [email protected]
    • If your patient has already been pre-qualified and ready to proceed, then use our regular  online referral form
  3.  Diagnostics:
    • We will obtain necessary CBCT, Panorex, photos, and videos
    • Patient’s existing teeth / prosthesis are evaluated
  4. Treatment planning:
    • We will then collaborate with you on preliminary treatment design by reviewing all diagnostics and patient’s specific needs.
    • An online meeting may be arranged to review photos, scans, etc.
  5. Treatment proposal:
    • A detailed treatment proposal is presented to patient reviewing treatment stages, timeline, options, and fees.
    • The global fee is presented
    • Patient is provided with financing assistance if desired
    • A fee allocation report is shared with you outlining the precise treatment cost, lab fees, components, and profit which is shared equally between you and our office.
  6. Final diagnostics:
    • Upon treatment acceptance, patient is seen for final diagnostics
    • All information is submitted to lab to begin planning
    • Patient is scheduled for procedure (coordinated between your and our offices)
  7. 3-D digital planning
    • An online 3-D digital implant planning is coordinated between our office, you, and the laboratory.
    • The number and location of implants are determined virtually
    • Upon approval, the case goes into production
  8. Fabrication of surgical guide and transitional prosthesis
    • The necessary surgical guides and transitional prosthesis are fabricated and sent to our office in a complete ‘box’
    • The necessary implants, multi-unit abutments, and temporary posts are ordered.
  9. Placement of implants and immediate load if appropriate
    • An appointment is scheduled in coordination with your office if immediate load protocol is planned.
    • Teeth are extracted as indicated
    • Implants are placed using the surgical guides
    • Transitional prosthesis is delivered immediately as appropriate
  10. Final impression
    1. Upon implants integration, final impressions are obtained
    2. Case is then designed and approved by you and the lab before going into production.
  11. Try-in
    • Try-in prosthesis is placed to assure passive fit and proper path of draw.
  12. Final restoration
    • Final restoration is delivered
    • Patient is seen for adjustments as necessary
    • Patient is given a maintenance schedule.

Fee Structure

For full arch treatments, global fee structure is the most simple, transparent, and effective approach to financial presentation to patients. Patient is quoted one fee which includes all aspects of their treatment including surgical and restorative phases.

Global fees for each treatment option can be customized to meet the needs of your practice. Obviously, every office is different in terms of expertise and service, hence you get to decide what a fair global fee is.

Here are the general global fees for each type of treatment (Per Arch):

  • Full-Arch removable overdenture with 2 implants: $12-14 k
  • Full-Arch removable overdenture with 4 implants: $16-20 k
  • Full-Arch fixed hybrid with 4 implants (all-on-4): $30-40k
  • Full-Arch fixed hybrid with 6 implants: $35-45k
  • Full-Arch fixed implant-supported bridge (pink-free): $45k-55 k

The flat global fees include:

  • All surgical, restorative, and laboratory fees
  • Simple extractions
  • Digital workflow and stackable surgical and restorative guides
  • All surgical and restorative components
  • Transitional and final prosthesis
  • Chair-side lab assistance

Possible additional fees:

  • Any necessary bone grafting procedures*
  • Anesthesia fees*
  • (*fees paid directly to our office and not included in the global fee)

Important information about pricing and payment process:

  • A single flat global fee is presented to patient. This fee will include all aspects of their treatment from A-Z
  • The flat global fee is different for each restorative dentist and is discussed a preliminary strategic meeting, so it can be applied to all patient treatments.
  • Patient is given specific amount to pay to each provider
  • Lab fees and all necessary surgical and restorative components can be paid by our office. Alternatively, this can be separated and included into surgical and restorative fees paid by patient (The flat global fee for patient does not change)
  • Patient is given a detailed payment schedule with instructions on how much, who, and when to make their payments.


Next Steps

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