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The Digital Smile Studio at Kazemi Oral Surgery & Dental Implants brings a unique environment and experience for patients seeking dental implant therapy and aesthetic dental treatments. If you are considering treatments and simply want to learn about your options, how it works, and whether fits your needs, come to the Smile Studio for answers. With our onsite photography studio, digital smile design, and patient educational tools, you can now see and feel the possibilities- All  without the sales pressure, fees, and formalities of conventional consultations.

No Appointments
No Consultation Fees

Learn about dental implant and aesthetic treatment options, see our extended portfolio, get treatment fees, and have digital smile design simulation to help you see the possibilities in real time. All of this with no appointments or consultation fees! Just come to our showroom and meet with one of our treatment solutions specialists to get all the information you need.

At The Smile Studio, you will experience the complete digital workflow and how we use such technologies in diagnosis, planning, and execution of every treatment we provide. Get your cone beam CT scan, digital photography, digital smile design, and 3-d designed and printed prototype teeth- all in one place.

Additionally, you’ll get detailed information on treatment options, sequence, timing, and recovery as well as clear and transparent fees along with interest-free payment plans to make it all possible.

Come For a Different Experience!

Digital Smile Design & Diagnostic Services

The studio provides personalized diagnostic imaging services to help you see and feel your new teeth and smile. These include complimentary professional photographs and digital smile design for an immediate virtual before and after.

Our digital smile design and diagnostic services are primarily for the following treatments:

  • Patients who need complete replacement of missing teeth with dental implants
  • Patients with missing teeth in the smile zone
  • Patients who want to improve aesthetics and their smile. We collaborate with some of the top cosmetic dentists in the Washington DC area.

We also offer complimentary cone beam CT scan to assess the condition of your jaw bone and 2-D digital smile design to show you the possibilities within minutes. And with our digital impression scanner, software, and 3-D printers or CAD/ CAM milling machines, you can try-in an actual restoration prototype and see it for yourself in real time.

Hours of Operation


Monday – Fridays: 10 am to 5 pm

Reserve Your Personalized Digital Smile Design

While no appointment are necessary to visit our Smile Studio, we do recommend reservations for personal digital smile design.