Practice Management Articles

Inventory Your People

Inventory Your People This article reviews various personality types and how personality can influence employees' work habits and performance. View Article ... Read More

Leadership Effectiveness Worksheet

Leadership Effectiveness Worksheet Use this worksheet to measure your leadership skills and discover where you might lack proficiencies in running your practice. View Article ... Read More

Wrong Teeth Extractions

Wrong Teeth Extractions Effective communication between oral surgeon and referring dentists is a critical factor in risk management. This article discusses how we can prevent one of the most common sources of dental practice litigation: extracting the wrong teeth. View Article ... Read More

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

We understand your challenges and have solutions to help you This article describes common practice management challenges most dentists face. As part of our collaboration and support for our referring doctors, we have designed specific solutions to address those challenges. They ultimately resul... Read More

Managing Dental Implant Cases

Strategies to manage complex dental implant patients This article describes the management strategies of dental implant patients at Dr. Kazemi's to help streamline the implant treatment and make the entire process efficient and easy for doctors, staff, and patient. We work with many of our refer... Read More