[C1] Managing Dental Trauma With Predictable Outcomes

Dental trauma can range from minor enamel injuries to significant loss of teeth and hard and soft tissues. When faced with such emergencies, the clinician must consider surgical, restorative, endodontic and periodontal implications and make quick decisions on a treatment that can lead to the best long-term result. In this presentation, Dr. Kazemi will review various types of dental injuries and a simplified map to choosing the most appropriate treatment quickly and easily. In addition, Dr. Kazemi will discuss complicating factors and treatment concepts.

Course objectives:

1. Understand various types of injuries and their surgical, restorative, endodontic and periodontal implications
2. Learn about treatment options and how to choose the most appropriate one to achieve best results.
3. Utilize a simplified map to make quick decisions.
4. Learn about possible complications and their management.

Course length: 1.5 hour

[C2] From Injury to Restorations: Management of Trauma in The Aesthetic Zone

In this presentation, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi discusses the protocol for managing trauma in the aesthetic zone. He discusses key surgical treatments, implant considerations, and the restorative implications in patients with loss or damage to their maxillary anterior teeth and structures.

Course objectives:

1. Understand the various types of injuries, diagnostic, and treatment planning
2. Learn surgical principles in managing trauma
3. Learn implant and restorative treatments to replace and restore function and aesthetics.

Course length: 2 hour